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Screening for allergies is necessary in order to identify the specific allergens that trigger reactions.


Asthma is a condition in which the lungs and air passages become inflamed and constricted, interfering with normal breathing.


Food allergies can begin in childhood or in adulthood, with some people suddenly having allergic responses to foods that have never caused problems.


Allergy drops or oral immunotherapy is where you put a drop of concentrate of what you are allergic to in the environment inside the lower lip or under the tongue once a day to treat the underlying cause rather than just the symptoms.

Additional COVID-19 Accommodations:

We value your understanding as we all navigate this rapidly evolving global situation. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

  • In-office Appointments. We are now offering in office appointments for new patients and follow-up care. Please call (310) 657-4600 to arrange an appointment.
  • Telemedicine Appointment. We are offering telemedicine appointments for new patients, sick patients, and follow-up care. Please call (310) 657-4600 to arrange an appointment.
  • Allergy Shots and Biologics. To ensure social distancing, patients will need to make an appointment at a scheduled time.
  • Allergy Drops under the tongue (Sublingual immunotherapy or slit), which can be administered at home, is an alternative to allergy shots and does not involve coming into the office. For more information, please complete the form below or call (310) 657-4600.
  • Facemasks are now optional for patients in California health care facilities.

Trusted Allergy Doctors in Los Angeles, CA

Getting tested for allergies has never been simpler than visiting Robert W. Eitches, MD & Maxine B. Baum, MD - Tower Allergy.

Dr. Eitches and Dr. Baum are two of the top allergy doctors in Los Angeles, CA,. Whether you need to receive an allergy screening or are interested in oral immunotherapy, our team is happy to assist you in finding what’s best for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Los Angeles’ Top Allergists Helping You Enjoy the World

As two of LA’s top allergists in the area for over two decades, Dr. Eitches and Dr. Baum have helped countless people find solutions for their allergies. Whether you deal with seasonal allergies or food allergies, they are dedicated to helping you with remedies for your allergies.

Our Services Include:

  • Allergy Testing and Treatment
  • Oral Immunotherapy
  • Allergy Shots
  • Asthma Testing and Treatment
  • Skin Patch Testing
  • Environmental & Food Allergy Testing and Treatment

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of allergy care. This includes the identification and treatment of asthma, hay fever, hives, food allergies, allergy fatigue, sinus headaches, skin rashes and more.

Dr. Robert Eitches and Dr. Maxine Baum are two of the best allergy and asthma specialists in the Los Angeles area. Both are assistant clinical professors at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, as well as attending physicians at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Eitches has appeared on CNN, NBC's Today, CBS Evening News, Good Morning America and The Doctors.

We also work with most PPO insurance companies. Sorry our providers are not contracted by Medicare, Medi-Cal or HMO's, but you can always self pay. Contact us today to learn about how you can receive a copy of your benefits!

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Dr. Robert Eitches and Dr. Maxine Baum listed by Los Angeles Magazine as top Allergists in Los Angeles

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